How Does the Cooking Club Work?

We have established some routine at Cooking Club meetings, but how are new members supposed to know what to do?


We try to decide on a menu for next week at each meeting. That way, everyone has a say in what we make, and each person can bring an ingredient that is easy for them to get.

When we can’t decide on a complete menu, we’ll claim responsibility for certain types of dishes. As in, “I’ll bring the greens,” or “I have rice we can use for the grain.”

If all of the dishes are simple (a vegetable with just one or two seasonings, for example) no one has to spend tons of money or time for ingredients. If everyone contributes, we still wind up with a rad feast.

New members may worry that they’ll bring something that clashes with the rest of the menu. That is difficult, with macrobiotics! Everything goes so well together. Carrots are always a good idea, or, if you are really unsure just come empty-handed to your first meeting and bring something next time.


Once we are all assembled with ingredients in hand and a menu in mind, we cook.

Obviously there is limited space in my kitchen. There are only four burners, only so many pots, and the cutting board clutters up quickly.

Using a variety of cooking methods is efficient. While one vegetable roasts, the grain can steam. Meanwhile, one person can wash greens at the sink while another chops vegetables or slices tofu at the cutting board. Someone may even mix cookie dough to put in the oven as the vegetables come out.

Don’t feel intimidated by the number of people in the kitchen. When so many people cook and clean, no one has to work very hard and everyone gets to eat a good meal.

Macrobiotic Cooking in Real Life

The main idea behind the Macrobiotic Cooking Club is for all of the members to see how simple it is to have a macrobiotic meal.

After preparing, cooking and eating macrobiotic meals with the Cooking Club, it will be easy for members to cook macrobiotic meals for themselves.


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